On-Going Psychotherapy Groups at Collaborative Care

A very viable and productive adjunct to individual psychotherapy is the Psychotherapy Group. This is a therapist led but member responsive addition to any therapy treatment regimen where members facing similar issues or circumstance can find help, support, and guidance through the use of this therapeutic community. Collaborative Care will be offering Psychotherapy groups at its various locations. Some of the groups are already underway, can be joined and will be expanded to our other locations.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy


DBT Group - Willow Grove Location. Lead by Megan Marshall, LCSW.

September 29th 2018 - Saturdays, 1-3 pm, weekly for 16 weeks.

Do you have trouble managing emotions? Are interpersonal relationships tough for you? Do you have a lot of difficulty with stress management? This may be the group for you. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) was originally developed by Marsha Linehan to manage Borderline Personality Disorder. Since it's creation, this therapy modality is used to treat many different types of disorders, ranging from Generalized Anxiety to Major Depression to even Substance Abuse Disorders. You will be receiving hands on skills to use in your day to day life, as well as support from others who suffer from similar conditions to you. Most insurances are accepted. Please contact Megan or the Willow Grove office for more information and to see if you would be a good candidate! Megan looks forward to meeting each one of you! 215-366-5044 x 210.

DBT Group- Bala Cynwyd Location. Lead by Billie Lee Orenbuch

August 22, 2018 - Wednesdays 2-3:30pm for 16 weeks. 

In Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, we are attempting to train people in acceptable coping skills when they are triggered into having emotional reactions. To do this, clients who have impulsive behaviors that are triggered by reminders of abuse they have suffered, are taught Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and Mindfulness. I use a workbook that clients would need to purchase to take course, Out of Control by Melanie Sheets. The woman who wrote this book had extensive training in addictions when she took DBT training. She uses examples of how people get off track with their behavior. Most clients can relate to this.

Please call Billie Lee Orenbuch 484-270-8817 x 314 for more information.

The Teen Group - Willow Grove Location. Lead by Ernest Glazer, LCSW

Ongoing group. Fridays 4:15 - 5:45pm.

This is an interactive group for high school attending Teens between the ages of 15 to 18. A variety of topics are covered and change on a weekly basis depending on need. Some of the topics covered are; school, parents, relationships romantic and otherwise, sex, depression, self-destructive behaviors, and alternatives to everything. Some of the goals of this group are for Teens to get support, feedback, options and alternatives from their peers in a safe, supportive and therapeutic environment.

Teen 1 Group (Ages 10-14) - Harleysville Location. Lead by Kat Beccaria, LMFT

Saturdays 11 am - 12:30 pm. Snacks Provided.

Topics to be covered will include (but are not limited to) social media, body issues, bullying,grades and homework pressure, sports, family issues and mortality and health. Each week a participant will be chosen or volunteer as the captain and will help guide the group and select the music playlist.

Sign up with group leader Kat or at the front desk! 267-933-5205 x 410

Women's Life Transition Group - Harleysville Location. Lead by Karen Starner, LMFT.


Are you going through a life transition, planned or unplanned? Does it feel overwhelming at times? Do you feel like you take care of everybody but yourself?

Life Transitions can be caring for young children, caring for your aging parent(s), going through a separation/divorce, grieving the loss of a spouse, having children leaving home, adult children living at home, or entering retirement.

Learn to be patient and care for yourself. Develop mindfulness in your everyday life. Receive the support and kindness from others in the group. This Women's Group is led by a trained and experienced marriage and family therapist, Karen Starner.

For more information, please contact Karen Starner, LMFT: 267-933-5205 x 4 or email

Addiction & Recovery Group- Harleysville Location. Lead by Joy Weissenberg, LPC. 

Thursday Evenings 6-7:30 pm

Is this group for you?

Do you self medicate your emotions?
Are you tired of not fitting in? Always anxious but wanting to isolate yourself? Find yourself saying, "It's not for me?"

Here's a way to STAY CLEAN AND SOBER.

Learn Relapse Prevention Skills. This is not an AA meeting. There are no "war stories." Your feedback is encouraged!

Materials presented on the topics of:

Better Communication * More Meaningful Relationships * Triggers and Coping Skills * Stress Reduction * Managing Emotions*

Call Joy Weissenberg, LPC - Certified Addictions Counselor - 267-933-5205 x 4 or email: