Collaborative Care endeavors to inspire its clinicians to integrate psychological theory, techniques, and research into their practices, so that our clients get the most complete care possible. Clients who come to our offices benefit from a comprehensive approach, combining psychopharmacology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy to receive a total mind and body treatment experience. Some of our clinicians even specialize in alternative therapeutic modalities including Reiki, Clinical Hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR).

The stress of emotional or physical illness can compound an individual’s physical pain or function. At Collaborative Care, our therapists work closely with our psychiatrist and nurse practitioners to diminish cycles of emotional or physical distress. By steading pathways improvement and helps build tolerance of the psychological or medical processes necessary for overall health and stability.​

This model has been shown to result in significant improvements in the quality of life of individuals with a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems as well as difficulties related to medical problems. It is the model that we at Collaborative Care promise to offer our clients.