Valant Patient Portal Instructions:

The email invitation will be sent from AccSetup
Click on the link for Click to setup account within this email invitation to be directed to the Patient Portal for the practice
Create a password of your choosing and set your security questions when prompted
Your username is your full email address
Click on the Create Account button
You will be prompted to contact the practice to validate your account (optional).
The practice will also automatically receive notification that your account needs to be validated.
Your account will not be fully active until it is validated.
Click on the link to Go to Your Account
You will then be prompted to make any revisions or additions to your demographics and insurance information.
The practice will automatically receive notification of any changes.
Ensure to Bookmark this website for future use.

Using your Patient Portal Account:

You will see a set of tabs within your Patient Portal Account. The most commonly used tabs and what they contain are detailed below.

Displays new measures or clinical forms (i.e. questionnaires) that the practice has sent to you to fill out via the portal and submit prior to your appointment.
An email notification will be sent to you to inform you when these are requested.
Displays your upcoming appointments. Displays the quick link to change your demographics or insurance information.

Allows you to change your login or email, password, and security questions.
Also includes a link to change your demographics or insurance information.
If you submit demographic or insurance information on your patient portal the practice will receive a notification of those changes and accept them.

This will include links to documents that may be required for you to fill out or print, sign and return to the practice.
Please note that these cannot be submitted electronically through the portal.

Displays the addresses and map for the location(s) of the practice.

If the practice has enabled this feature for you, you will be able to send secure messages to your servicing provider.
This is a closed email system between you and the practice.
This is not to be used for emergency, if this is an emergency please call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
Do NOT send message to your Psychiatric, they will not be answered; contact the office directly.
Messages are not check between the hours of 9 pm and 9am Monday-Friday.
Messages are not check on weekends either.
If you need to speak with your provider, give the office a call or contact our therapist directly.